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abril 9, 2012

Este post me parecio interesante para quienes consideran monetatizar sus sitios web.


Social sites, whether they are discovery platforms, blogs, or forums, are tight knit communities built on trust. These communities can understandably be sensitive to advertising.

However, even the most buzz-worthy social media darlings need revenue to fuel their growth and help fund administration, support and development. Without revenue (or the potential of revenue for investors), there would be no community.

Luckily, monetization efforts don’t have to be at odds with your user base. If you implement your monetization strategy with care, it’s possible to maximize revenue potential and keep members happy. My personal concern with this problem led me to found Skimlinks, so this is an area near and dear to my heart.

Whether you use sponsorships, ads, affiliate marketing, premium memberships or a combination of these strategies, the following tips will help you monetize your forum or social site.

1. Disclose

Let members know about your monetization plans…

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